Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership.

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I stopped in to just get some oil, parts guys were very friendly and helpful. On my way out the door I stopped and looked at a few bikes. I wasn't hassled or bothered like some dealerships do. Chris made the effort to come out to the parking lot to make sure I was taken care of or if I had any questions. One might think “ why wasn't he doing that in the store?" To me it is just the opposite, He made the effort to make sure I didn't leave the property without introducing himself and making sure I didn't have any questions. Please tell Chris Thacker “Thank you!!" He might just earn a new customer soon if I can convince myself I “need" that new 750

I have bought a bike and several accessories from you guys and I just want to say that you are the best motorcycle dealership I have ever experienced. You guys make me and my wife feel like we are special and that's what counts. I truly enjoy dealing with you and look forward to returning soon."

By: Charles Peculiar,MO

"While riding from NC to Denver, CO my charging system on a 2011 DL650 VStrom failed while I was on I-70. I was towed to the dealership at 10:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning where they diagnosed a failure in the stator. The part was ordered air-freight and the staff dropped me at a nearby hotel for the night. They picked me up the next morning, the part arrived and was installed, I was back on the road by 2:30 p.m., and rode into Denver at Midnight Thursday. I couldn't ask for better service."

By: Joel Winston-Salem,NC

"I had a new tire mounted on my 2003 Honda Shadow 1100. I had originally told your service manager that I would be leaving the bike and returning later to pick it up. It ended up that I had to wait on the bike and they were kind enough to get my bike in quickly and taken care of so I could get back on the road. I just wanted to thank you for the service. Too many times we only contact people when things don't go as well as we hope."

By: Craig Lexington,MO

"I recently purchased a 2003 Intruder. From the first day of just walking the sales floor to just look around, to the day I decided on the bike that I wanted and coompleted the purchase I thought the entire staff was top notch. From Chris & Tony completing the purchase, to the entire service department I thought that this was where I should have been looking all along for a bike. Even though this was my first bike I was treated with dignity and respect. Great job guys!!! I also received a call a couple of days later just to see how I felt about the bike and my purchase. Totall overall win-win!! I would recommend these guys to anyone. Thanks again. "

By: John Buckner,MO

"I have a Chinese 150cc scooter. My tire blew and upon going to two different 'scooter stores' here in town, I was told fixing my tire would cost between $250-$300. The tire itself was quoted at $125. I went to Donnell's after removing it myself and the parts department quoted me $31.99 for the SAME tire!!! Furthermore, the service gentleman (wish I would have caught his name!!! Young bald guy) asked to see my tire first. I took it out of my car and he told me it had just lost its bead. It didn't even need replaced! He fixed the tire for me and I was on my way in less than 10 minutes. Being a female with a scooter, the scooter guys obviously saw me coming! I have been to Donnell's multiple times for my scooter and will go to them FIRST next time! I was told no motorcycle shop would carry parts for it. WRONG! For fair, HONEST, and absolutely the friendliest service EVER, go to Donnell's. Thanks guys!!"

By: Angie Independence,MO

"I bought my first bike, an Ossa Pioneer, from Donnell's back in 1975. They have been a great group of people to deal with."

By: Steve Lawrence,KS

"This is a first class operation all the way! Staff is pleasant, helpful and makes your purchase pleasant all the way from when you walk in the door, selection of your ride to signing on the dotted line! Wish I would have started riding earlier now but better late than just wishing about riding!"

By: David Brookfield,MO

"Sales person, Ken Farmer was very informative and kind. He answered all my questions very honestly. Since my purchase Ken has always been there when I had questions or comments about my Suzuki ATV. I just had my first oil change at the dealership and it was ready when I was told. The service people were very helpful and explained in detail about my recall. My hat is off to everyone at Donnells and I will return to them for all of my services and purchases. Thanks."

By: Terry Independence,MO

"Subsequent to my recent experience with Donnell's Motorcycles, it's obligatory that I leave a finale remark: "ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!" Unquestionably, the service, atmosphere, attitude, and curtsey of this staff were, outstandingly, superb! I would like to shout a very special thank you to Kenny and Tony (who are both magnificent sales agents), and finally, Chris (who is an terrific technician). Thanks again, fellas, for making this a awesome purchase and experience for me!"

By: Calvin Kansas City,MO

"You can buy this product anywhere. But how will the dealer treat you after you have spent your money. After doing 7 years of business with the entire staff at Donnells. Having them go above and beyond what any normal dealer would do. A product is only as good as the dealer who stands behind it. I can spend my money at Donnells and sleep good at night."

By: sly independence,MO

"Buying an atv or crotch rocket from Donnell's is like no other dealership any place around they have my non stop need for the new toys and are able to supply it or custom order to satisfy me"

By: AJ ottawa,KS

"This was a fantastic experience, Chris was great as was the other salesman (name?)who showed me my bike while Chris was DELIVERING an ATV. I went there because everytime I went to gaze at all the toys before I made my purchase, they were all willing to tell me all I wanted to know.Life is sweet on my 2008 Suzuki Boulevard (my first) and at Donnell's. Thank you all, very much. Sue"

By: Susan Holden,NJ

"I have purchased an 05 Eiger and an 07 Ozark from Donnell's. Chris in sales did a good job of making my whole family have a great experience when we bought our Atv's. Tim in the parts Dept. has always been very helpful when I have a question about anything. I have rode Atv's for many years and have dealt with other dealers in the area that do not treat their customers as well as Donnell's. I will always return to them for anything I need."

By: Ryland Odessa,MO

"I went in after 5 years from buying a 98rmx250 witch I sold then bought a rm250 on ebay and Tim remebered me. When I need parts this will be the only place I will go. Because not only I get the right parts I also get the best customer service from Tim in the parts department. Thank you Tim Joe Chenoweth "

By: Joe kc,MO

"We have ben dealing with Donnells for awhile now and every trip to the store has ben great, everyone is very friendly and helpful. Thanx to all there, a special thanx to Bart for helping us when we need it. Keep up the good work! See you soon."

By: Rita Kearney,MO

"Donnell, Chris, Tim, and David were absolutley great to do business with, these people still have the old fashioned way of doing business, one customer at at time, so everyone recieves the attention we as customers deserve. Thanks for sell a Great product"

By: Jeffrey Richmond,MO

"We had been looking for a good deal on a used bike, but weren't having much luck until we stopped by your store. We found the perfect bike at a great price and recieved excellent service from beginning to end. Your team is outstanding! We plan on returning for service and future purchases."

By: Melissa Independence,MO

"Donnel's is the best dealership that I've purchased from yet and I've been eveywhere looking for the best deal, Donnel's will be selling me another 4wheeler beffore to long"

By: Allan Ottowa,KS

"I bought a honda from you guys.***** You all were very friendly and I appreciated the honesty overall.You all are very accomidating to your customers needs.Chris in sales, you know who you are?? You were great!!!!!!!!!!Dave in accounting you were great too!!!!!!!!!!!many many many Thanks to you all. Can't wait for some warm weather now.probably will ride up to see you all and show off my new aero.!!!!!!!!just as soon as Friday the 24th rolls around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can't wait Sincerely Lesa K. Canada"

By: Lesa K. Blue Springs,MO

"I bought my first motorcycle from Donnel's back in 1990. A Katana 600. Since then I've been back 6 times. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else!"

By: Erik Blue Springs,MO

"I bought my first Motorcycle here, a beautiful 2004 Suzuki. I LOVE IT!! I got a really good deal and had great experience. Thanks to all. Shawna and Jamie "

By: Anonymous Cameron,MO

"Everyone at the shop was extremely helpful in getting me setup on the purchase of my '05 Boulevard C50. In fact my Dad and Uncle bought their new Boulevards from Donnells also. Everone from the sales, to financing and even Mike behind the counter was awesome. I would recommend anyone to try to beat their overall service as well as the price. "

By: Jeremy Independence,MO